Revolución de Nutrición is a project of SINA, Billings Forge Community Works and El Show de Analeh, with financial support provided by Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Hispanic children and families, particularly those residing in low-income neighborhoods, are at increased risk for a host of serious health problems like childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. This collaborative effort raises awareness among the region’s Latino residents about eating better to stay healthier.

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Ep 14: | Brazo Boricua Christmas Special

Demostración un Brazo Boricua, Arroz Integral con Gandules y Ensalada de Kale.

Ep 13: | Restaurante: California Pizza Kitchen

Demostración un plato de Salmón (Demonstrated Baked Salmon). Filmed at California Pizza Kitchen in West Hartford CT (WestFarm Mall).

Ep 12: | Biscocho de Esponja (Sponge Cake)

Download recipe:

Biscocho de Esponja (En Español)

Ep 11: | Información sobre Frutas y Vegetales con menos azúcar y calorías(Information on how to pick Fruits & Vegetables that has Less Sugar and Low Calories)

Ep 10: | Sole Mediterraneo en Papillote (Mediterranean Sole)

What’s Better than Mediterranean Sole to end the summer?

Download recipe:

Mediterranean Sole (English) | Sole Mediterraneo en Papillote (Spanish)

Health Tips

Health Tips with Dr. Ramon Jimenez and Dr. Jose Azocar.

Ep 9: | Pechugas de Pollo con Esparragos y Salsa de Champinones
(Chicken Breasts and Asparagus with Mushroom Sauce)

This mother day special of Chicken Breasts and Asparagus is a great meal to prepare with/for your family.

Revolución de Nutrición – Billings Forge Farmers Market

Find out more information about Billings Forge Farmers Market.

Ep 8: | Carne Mechada de Pavo y Pedazos de Pollo Empanado
(Turkey Meatloaf & Breaded Chicken Tenders)

The Turkey Meatloaf is perfect for the Holidays. The breaded Chicken Tenders and Chicken tacos are a fun, healthy, and quick meal for the kids.

Download recipe:

Turkey Meatloaf & Breaded Chicken Tenders (English) | Carne Mechada de Pavo y Pedazos de Pollo Empanado (Spanish)

Ep 7: | Flan de Batata sin Caramelo
(Sweet Potato Flan)

Flan is a traditional Spanish dessert and there are many versions. If you’ve never made flan before, now is the time to try this recipe!

Download recipe:

Sweet Potato Flan(Eng) | Flan de Batata sin Caramelo (Spanish)

Ep 6: | Sidra de Manzana y Apricot Caliente (Hot Apple Apricot Cider)

Hot Apple Apricot Cider is the perfect holiday beverage to warm the bones and quench your guests thirst.

Download recipe:

Hot Apple Apricot Cider, Coconut Macaroon, and Strawberry & Mango Cobbler (Eng) | Sidra de Manzana y Apricot Caliente, Coco Macaroon, y Cobble de Fresa y Mango (Spanish)

Revolución de Nutrición – Interview

Find out what Revolución de Nutrición is all about and why it was started.

Ep 5: | Pescado y Vegetales en papel de aluminio y Lechon Asado
(Foil Wrapped Fish & Vegetables and Roasted Pork)

You can’t go wrong with baked Fish with a side of vegetables and for the meat lovers Roasted Pork.

Download recipe:

Fish & Vegetables and Roasted Pork (Eng) |
Pescado & Vegetales y Lechon Asado (Spanish)

Ep 4: | Pastelón de Plátano
(Meat and Plantain Pie)

Pastelón de plátano makes a hearty, tasty meal. Serve with side dishes that do not compete with the flavor, such as white or yellow rice or plain pasta.

Download recipe:

Meat and Plantain Pie (Eng) | Pastelón de Plátano (Spanish)

Ep 3: | Pavo A La Naranja (Orange Turkey)

The hint of orange gives this recipe a festive tang; for a milder flavor, you can garnish the turkey with the orange slices instead of roasting them under the turkey skin.

Download recipe:

Orange Turkey (Eng) | Pavo A La Naranja (Spanish)

Ep 2: | Codfish Salad

Many countries have a version of Salted Codfish Salad BUT this dish originated in Puerto Rico — it is a version of a seafood appetizer or light lunch, in the same manner as ceviche or shrimp cocktail.

Ep 1: | Arroz Con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)

Arroz con pollo means “Rice with Chicken” in Spanish. It is a classic dish of Spain and Latin America, with many different traditional ways to prepare it, unique to various countries.

Download recipe:

Rice with Chicken (Eng) | Arroz Con Pollo (Spanish)