Through its REACH Committee (Recognition Education Achievement and Community Health), SINA has long supported a range of efforts to improve educational outcomes in the South Central Hartford corridor. Initiatives centered around improving education and health outcomes have included sponsoring and cultivating employee engagement in elementary-school science fairs, book drives, and tutoring through a partnership with the Hartford school system. Annually, SINA awards up to seven scholarships to college-bound neighborhood students through a competitive process run by institutional volunteers. SINA also recognizes four individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Hartford’s southside neighborhoods through the Neighborhood Service Awards.

In 2017, SINA joined with the Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Initiative to support action to address issues at the intersect of housing and family health. Healthy Homes works with property owners and tenants to integrate health and safety interventions, lead hazard control, energy efficiency interventions, and housing rehabilitation.

SINA continues to support Revolución de Nutrición, a project of SINA, Billings Forge Community Works and El Show de Analeh, with financial support provided by Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Click here to view recipes and cooking videos.

Moving forward, REACH will serve as the focal point and structure for renewed and expanded efforts to engage both institutional staff and students and neighborhood residents in the areas of education and health improvement.