A key element of SINA’s comprehensive neighborhood renewal model is working with residents and businesses to improve conditions that are key to sustainability. These might include neighborhood clean-up days, crime prevention, renovated housing, or promoting local businesses. SINA is a catalyst, developing and reinforcing relationships that improve the sense of community. We involve a broad cross-section of constituents in ways that build buy-in. By embracing a variety of community organizations as partners, SINA helps create vibrant urban communities where residents, employees and businesses can enjoy an attractive quality of life and opportunities for success. SINA is a trusted partner and force for positive change in the neighborhood that surrounds its anchor institutions.

SINA also utilizes other outreach tools, including communication and strategic partnerships. We partnered with Billings Forge Community Works and El Show de Analeh to create the Revolución de Nutrición show. Financial support from Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center produced this tv show about healthy Latino cooking, in an effort to decrease the risk of diabetes.

  • Trinity Boys and Girls Club
    1500 Broad St. Hartford, CT 06106
    President & CEO: Samuel S. Gray, Jr.
  • Catholic Charities: Institute for Hispanic Family & Hispanic Senior Center
    45 Wadsworth Street, Hartford, CT 06106
    Director: Luisa Noujaim
  • Center for Latino Progress (CPRF)
    95 Park St., 2nd Floor Hartford, CT 06106
    Executive Director: Yanil Terón
  • Charter Oak Cultural Center
    21 Charter Oak Ave., Hartford, CT 06106
    Executive Director: Rabbi Donna Berman
  • Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (FHNRZ)
  • Girl Scouts of Connecticut
    340 Washington St., Hartford, CT 06106
    CEO: Mary Barneby
  • Hispanic Health Council
    175 Main St. Hartford, CT 06106
    President & CEO: Jose L. Ortiz
  • Latino Community Services
    184 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, CT 06106
    Executive Director: Yvette Bello
  • Mi Casa Family Service & Educational Center
    590 Park St., Hartford, CT 06106
    Executive Director: Jorge L. Rivera
  • Spanish American Merchants Association (SAMA)
    95 Park St., Hartford, CT 06106
    Executive Director:Julio Mendoza
list updated on 10/7/16