The Neighborhood Service Awards Program, sponsored by the SINA, recognizes individuals in the community and SINA institutions who go beyond the call of duty to promote community service to Hartford’s southside neighborhoods.

Anyone who lives or works in the Hartford neighborhoods south of Capitol Avenue is eligible. You are encouraged to nominate those that have made contributions over an extended period of time, on a paid or unpaid basis. You can even nominate yourself.

Sample Categories:
▪ Community Volunteers ▪ Fire Fighters ▪ Agency Board Members
▪ Government Officials ▪ Social Workers ▪ Store Owners
▪ Recreation Workers ▪ Police Officers ▪ Teachers

If interested, please fill out this General Candidate Nomination Form or click here to fill out the electronic form.

2021 NOMINATIONS DUE APRIL 16, 2021. Click here to submit your nominations today.

Click here to view past REACH Awards Ceremony Program Books to read more about the awardees.


Recognizing over 120 neighborhood service recipients since 1991

2020 Eric Galm
Delene Richards-Falcon
Elizabeth Giannetta-Ramos
CREC Impact Academy
2019 Tessa Witten
Samuel DeCarlo
Marion Griffin
Captain Mario Oquendo, Jr.
2018 Angel Ortiz
Story & Soil Coffee
Ilia Castro
Yessica Amparo
Aaron Gill
2017 Alison Draper
Christopher Brown
Cora Mercer
Josh Michom
2016 Myrna Millet-Saez
Time Ketterer
Rosa Flores
Matthew Labbe
2015 Evelyn Lopez
Judy Johnson
Iris Ruiz
Mayra Lozada
2014 Judy Dworin
Ana Alfaro
Greg Secord
Art Bouchard
2013 Lt. Robert Allan
Leticia Cotto
Allan H. Reese
Luis Rivera
2012 Nilda Fernandez
Gary & Karen O’Maxfield
Rosa Plaza
Ana Maria Reyes-Scott
2011 Carlos Espinosa
David O. McKinely
Lee Boulanger
Charlene Perez
Lt. Brian Foley
2010 Paul Kapustinski
Hartford Peacebuilders
Sylvia Garcia
Evelyn Figueroa
2009 Benjamin Cruse
Leticia Colon
Cornell Lewis
Noel Casiano
Alison Giuliano
2008 Luis Valentin
John Nelson
Walter Kienia
Father Charles Jacobs
Robert Sampl
2007 Luis Valentin
John Nelson
Walter Kienia
Father Charles Jacobs
Robert Sampl
2006 Maxine Sullivan
Shannon Raider
Reynaldo Morales
Carlos Gonzalez
Eddie Lacey
2005 Richard deMey
Earl Costenoble
Ethel Austin
Chris Lyons
Charlie Morris
2004 Alan Carbonneau
Barbara Hennigues
Aura Alvarado
David Corrigan
2003 Maria Negron
Helen & Walter Krepcio
Judy & Tom Lyona
Maulyn Rossetti
2002 David Botero
Laure Web
Yolanda Rivera
Edgar Reyes
Hector Robles
Nilda Santana
2001 Descatour Potier
Caleb Cutler
Robert O’Conner
Bruce Johnston
Joyce Boysco
Gerry Murasso
Lew Espyo
2000 Sister Maris Stella Hickey
Michael Lawton
Maria Capeles
Yvelte Gonzalez
Joe Barber
Hector Hernandez
1998 April Goff Brown
Edith Lacey
Garry Lapidus
John Tornature
Hycacinth Yennie
1997 Kim McClain
Liberty Ortiz
Francesca Reale
Jame R. Reed Jr.
Robin Standifer
Margaret Stewart
1996 Jackie Fongemie
Bruce Johnston
Aida Morales
Yolanda Rivera
Maxine Steward
Tara Lawson Gill
1995 David Martinez
Rina Reyes
Janis Mitchell
Susan Santilli
Ann MacGillis
1994 Rosa Morales
Marc Rubera
Julio Concepcion
Diane Zannoni
Nancy Galarza
Ron Cretaro
Bernadine Silvers
1993 Carol Blanks-Lawson
Barry D’Onofiro
Emmie Galarza
Dulcie Galarza
Silas Shannon
Mollie Shelton
BR. Marcus Turcotte
1992 Ann Baker
Rev. Lyle J. Beckman
Bethy Berrios
Kenneth Eltherich Jr.
Lydia Rolan
Patrick H. Tallman
Gloria Williams
1991 Dr. James Aherene
John Bonelli
Gladys Capo
Barbara Jean Easly
Imelda Morneauly
Boy Scout Troop 105


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