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SINA Institutions Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) is a partnership between Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital and Trinity College.
SINA Properties 4 SINA land banked properties. Some of these properties are temporarily used for gardens. See our Community Life page for more information.
2 SINA Student Housings.
PPZ: Homes Under Construction Pope Park Zion, LLC (PPZ) is a subsidiary of SINA that rehabs and builds the homes that will become available for sale. There are currently 9 homes under construction. For more information see our Homes for Sale page.
Cityscape Homes 64 previously sold homes developed by PPZ.
UPA: Cityscape Apartments Urban Preservation Alliance (UPA) is a subsidiary of SINA that manages the 15 apartments owned by SINA.
Walk to Work Program The Walk to Work Program (WtW) is our employment program in which SINA helps neighborhood residence find jobs at our institutions and outside organizations. The balloons show where the hired applicants lived when accepted into the program. Click here for more information on the WtW program.
Hartford Hospital has hired 28 employees through WtW.
Connecticut Children’s has hired 6 employees through WtW.
26 neighborhood residence found jobs outside of SINA institutions through WtW
HIP The Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP) provides financial incentives to employees from the three SINA institutions to purchase a home in the neighborhood. Click here for more information on HIP.
23 Hartford Hospital employees purchased homes in the neighborhood
7 Connecticut Children’s employees purchased homes in the neighborhood
6 Trinity College employees purchased homes in the neighborhood


This map/data was last updated on 1/17/2020.