SINA partnered with Hartford Public Library (HPL) for a REACH Book Author Contest. It’s was a great opportunity for students in grades K-5 to write and illustrate their own story with the theme of Earth Day. Earth Day is a day that was created to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

The winners will be displayed at HPL Park Library @ the Lyric local author’s shelf.  Winning entries will receive a professionally printed copy of their book and get acknowledged at an awards ceremony.

2022 REACH Book Author Contest Winners

  1. Runny the Bunny Recycles – Written and Illustrated by Dhyanna Satish Kumar
  2. Earth Goes Back! – Written and Illustrated by Henry Burns
  3. Saving the World – Slavando El Tierra Planeta – Written and Illustrated by Neymar Perez, Drenier Robles, Broshin Ortiz, and Ana Zamorano
  4. Saving the Luna Red Panda- Written by Ada Ploor and Illustrated by Ela Vega and Selena Brown

Thank you to all who submitted entries!