SINA believes in the strengths and gifts of every person which can be harnessed to better the community. We seek to provide volunteer opportunities for community members, employees of our institutional partners, and other stakeholders. In the past two years, SINA has engaged over 350 volunteers who amassed 2,850 volunteer hours. Currently, the main opportunities are competitive clean-ups and community beautification projects. The Director of Community Partnerships and Communications is actively working to expand these opportunities to better connect community resources with community needs.


  1. Clean Up Competitions
  2. Love your Block Beautification Projects
  3. Become part of the SAFE planning team
  4. Work with Know Thy Neighbor to take grassroots action that addresses needs identified through community conversations
  5. Get involved with your NRZ
  6. Attend a community event. Click here to see our community calendar
  7. ?? Host a drive – school supplies, books, etc

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