NBC CT reports on Hartford Hospital’s HIP program

  • On August 30, 2013 ·
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A Hartford Hospital employee will soon be a first-time homeowner. She took advantage of the “Hartford Homeownership Incentive Program”… which is offered by the hospital. And as NBC Conn’s Debra Bogstie reports, the year- old program could soon expand. ————–

“My goal for many years to buy my own house.” Ana Rivera has dreamed of owning her own home and will soon close on this one. It sits in Hartford not far from her job as a phlebotomist at Hartford Hospital. Rivera’s buying the home with help from a 10 thousand dollar loan from Hartford Hospital as part of a Homeownership Incentive Program.

“It’s a big difference because sometimes you don’t have money for deposit and you’re a hard worker but you need some help sometimes to make your dream true.”

To celebrate the hospital held a news conference on the grounds of one of the many houses for sale in the city. MetroHartford Alliance launched the Homeownership Incentive Program last year to help stabilize neighborhoods in the heart of the city. Five Hartford employers are participating each offering five loans to qualified employees which are forgiven if certain conditions are met. So far there have been two closings and three more are expected by the end of august.

“It means an awful lot to the reputation of the city that both the employers and these individuals are willing to put real equity into the city.”

Ana Rivera is one of four Hartford Hospital employees who either have or are planning to take advantage of the program. “Thank you everybody for making my dream true.”

MetroHartford Alliance is hoping the five companies offer even more loans in the future and the agency is looking to recruit more companies to join the effort. In Hartford, Debra Bogstie, NBC Connecticut News.”



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