Hartford Public School’s 1st Annual Citywide STEM Expo Winners

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From “Boo Boo Holder” to “Stop Bullying Now” these students worked hard to achieve first, second or third place at the Hartford Public School’s 1st Annual Citywide S.T.E.M. Expo cosponsored by SINA.


Future scientist from kindergarten to high school brought their experiments to Trinity College’s Koppel Community Center in Hartford, CT on Wednesday, May 22, 2013.  Judges from SINA’s member institutions and outside community members judged four different categories: Gaming and Apps, Invention, Filming, and Traditional Science.

The winners were awarded on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at the Connecticut Science Center. The scholars had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Lawrence M. Dagrosa, M.D., a former Hartford Public student and current physician at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. They winners received trophies, and award certificates. Each First place winner of all categories and grade band also received a tablet.

And here they are:

Adalberto Millan, Yoshue Badillo, & Carlos Negron, Bully Movie – (Filming) Grade: 6-8

Annie Fisher/ STEM
Ms. Scopino’s Class, Science Friction – (Traditional Science) Grade: K-2

Julian Alvarez & Abhinav Bachu, “Diary of a Nerdy Bird: Logic Strikes” – (Filming) Grade: 3-5

Joseph Benaquisto, Freedom Tray – (Invention) Grade: 3-5

Priya Bhat, Lots of water, But not a Drop to Drink! – (Traditional Science) Grade: 3-5

Breakthrough Magnet South
Qunnial Edwards, The Black and White Civil Rights Movement – (Gaming/Apps) Grade: 6-8

Armelio Toska, Mario Petrolito & Tyrese Padilla, Stop Bullying Now – (Filming) Grade: 6-8

Capital Prep’
Ms. Vontz’s & Ms. Ellingwood’s Class, The Boo Boo Holder – (Invention) Grade: K-2

John Carriero, Get Litter Out Your River – (Invention) Grade: 3-5

Kiah Gillespie, Distracted Driving – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

Sophie Lee, Magnetisms Effect on Plant Growth – (Traditional Science) Grade: 6-8

Classical Magnet
TJ Noel-Sullivan, What Floor Material is Best in a Flood? – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

Nick Watrous, The Oxidation Proclamation: Eradicating Odor Oppression in Wastewater – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

E.B. Kennelly
Joyce Figueroa, Time to Melt – (Traditional Science) Grade: 6-8

Engineering & Green Tech
Ebony McWayson, Moon Buggy 2013 – (Invention) Grade: 9-12

Environmental Sciences Magnet @ Hooker
Ms. Jessica Lehr’s Class, Adobe Brick Strength – (Traditional Science) Grade: K-2

Kevin Braunwart, The Strength of Shapes – (Traditional Science) Grade: 3-5

Sudeepthi Rebbalapalli, Working with Worms – (Traditional Science) Grade: 6-8

Great Path Academy
Nataly D’Oleo, MagnifEYE – (Invention) Grade: 9-12

Lauren Peoples & Javante Danvers, Distance and Projection – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

Kelly Shouldice, “Just Do Something” – (Filming) Grade: 9-12

Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
Amrit Parmanand, As the Wind Turns – (Traditional Science) Grade: 6-8

High School, Inc.
Cameron Evans, The Chewing Gum Test – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

Kinsella Magnet of Performing Arts
Connor Carlone, Organic vs. Inorganic – (Traditional Science) Grade: 6-8

Latino Studies Academy @ Burns
Ms. T. Hernandez’s Class, “Hands Off” – (Traditional Science) Grade: K-2

Maria C. Sanchez
Amanda Camacho, Electrical Circuits Used as a Fun Game to Play – (Invention) Grade: 3-5

Noah Webster
Daniel Tominovich, Pill O Matic – (Invention) Grade: 6-8

Nursing Academy @ Hartford Public High School
Frankielys Quinones & Keren Torres, Music & the Brain – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

Pathways to Technology
Morgan Mortimer, “Words Can Hurt” – (Filming) Grade: 9-12

Calvin Mahlestedt & Hannah Nguyen, Backseat Driver – (Gaming/Apps) Grade: 9-12

Renzulli Academy
Natiel Cooper, The Hotted House – (Traditional Science) Grade: 6-8

Alondra Rodriguez, The Human Jack Lifter – (Invention) Grade: 6-8

Armando Rodriguez & James Ashley, Jr., Stop it! Bullying – (Filming) Grade: 6-8

Marcus Washburn, Shaila Murdock, & Grace Graham, Unpretty – (Filming) Grade: 9-12

Aditi Ramesh & Olivia Serrano, The Spell Jump – (Gaming/Apps) Grade: 6-8

University High School of Science & Engineering
Mary Nguyen & Sebastian Lopez, The Effect of Micronutrients on Plant Growth – (Traditional Science) Grade: 9-12

West Middle
Meshac Hercules, Rotting Cheese – (Traditional Science) Grade: 3-5


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