Frog Hollow Neighborhood Heroes Mural

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Frog Hollow Neighborhood Heroes Mural

SINA is once again painting a mural in Frog Hollow of neighborhood heroes. Vote for who you would like to be displayed on the mural by July 11. The mural will be installed at the corner of Park and Cedar Street. / Vamos a pintar un mural en Frog Hollow de héroes del barrio. Vote por quiénes estarán en el mural antes del lunes 11 de julio. El mural se instalará en la esquina de calle Park y Cedar.

Nominations were due in June 2022; we received a total of 35 nominations. A committee moved 11 heroes who received the most nominations to the ballot. You have the option to have a vote for one write in candidate if you choose by selecting other and writing in the name of the person you want to vote for. Voting for the top finalists end on Monday, July 11, 2022. Click here to cast your vote or use the form below. / Las nominaciones debían presentarse en junio de 2022; recibimos un total de 35 nominaciones. Un comité movió a los once héroes que recibieron la mayor cantidad de nominaciones a la boleta electoral. Tiene la opción de votar por un candidato por escrito si lo elige seleccionando OTHER y escribiendo el nombre de la persona por la que desea votar. La votación para los principales finalistas finaliza el lunes 11 de julio de 2022. Clic aquí para emitir su voto o complete el formulario al final de esta página.

clic aquí para leer las descripciones de los once nominados en español

Gladys Rivera   Fernando Betancourt   Celestino Jimenez
1. Gladys Rivera
Gladys grew up in Frog Hollow and South End of Hartford.  She served on the CICD Puerto Rican Parade of Hartford Board for over 30 years.  She currently works at Capitol Region Education Council and is the former Program Manager for the Elderly Nutrition Program at CRT where she managed the Meals-on-Wheels program.
  2. Fernando Betancourt
Fernndo is a Passionate, long time Frog Hollow resident and innovative advocate for public policy and community development in the Puerto Rican and Latino community. He is an effective leader who is currently working to bring a National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture to Hartford. He is the Executive Director of the San Juan center and before that was the Executive Director of CT’s Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission where he led with purpose and passion.
  3. Celestino Jimenez
Celestino was a long time advocate and role model for the neighborhood. With endless energy, he was always lending a hand and inspiring many. Late in life, he worked overseeing the soup kitchen at Mercy House.
Leticia Colon de Mejias   Mildred Torres   Constanza Segovia
4. Leticia Colon de Mejias
Leticia is an advocate for climate justice. She is the founder of Energy Efficiency Solutions (EES) a Energy Conservation Company and the founder of Green Eco Warriors- a non-profit that seeks to save the planet through educating kids. She also used to work at Hartford Hospital where she ran training programs to help employees advance in their careers
  5. Mildred Torres Soto
Mildred was the first Latina to serve on Hartford’s city council. She was the manager of community affairs for the Hartford Courant. She started working in social services where she helped organize the Puerto Rican and Black communities of Hartford through La Casa De Puerto Rico, Community Renewal Team, and at Aetna Life & Casualty.
  6. Constanza Segovia
Constanza is an artist and advocate for immigrant and human rights. She helped start Hartford Deportation Defense which supports undocumented immigrants facing deportation as well Hartford Mutual Aid which helps community members to support the needs of one another.
George Kenc   Minnie Gonzalez   Sara Ferrer de Romany
7. George Kenc
Founder of Park Hardware on Park Street. Survivor of the holocaust who spoke five languages, he was known for his compassion and love for the neighborhood. He was once seen giving his own coat to someone in need in front of his store.
  8. Minnie Gonzalez
Minnie has served as the State Representative for the 3rd district since 1996. She is now the Deputy Speaker and serves on the Appropriations, Public Safety, Legislative Management and Housing Committees.
  9. Sara Ferrer de Romany
Sara was a forceful and fearless advocate for the Puerto Rican community and founded the Institute for the Hispanic Family at Catholic Charities to help connect community members with mental health services.
Sammy Vega   Julio Concepcion Senior    
10. Sammy Vega
In 1997, Sammy won the national Junior Olympic Boxing Title. He went on to support and motivate young people working for Mega Education out of Dressler Law. Today he is the leader of the CT Institute for Community Development helping to organize the Puerto Rican Parade, Maria Sanchez Banquet, and other initiatives such as humanitarian efforts to support people in Puerto Rico following the hurricanes.
  11. Julio Concepcion Sr.
Julio served as a bilingual elementary school teacher for decades and tirelessly supported Hartford Youth through a mentoring program called El Futuro en Nuestros Manos and being the commissioner of the Maria Sanchez Little League. He also helped start a drug rehabilitation program called Hogar Crea.


SINA appreciates everyone who took the time to nominate. / SINA agradece a todos los que se tomaron el tiempo para nominar.