SINA Donates Bikes to HPD

  • On July 22, 2016 ·
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SINA Donates Bikes to HPD

SINA has donated, through a public safety grant, four specially-equipped bicycles to the Hartford Police Department. At an April 29 ceremony held at Trinity College’s Koeppell Community Sports Center, Hartford Police Department (HPD) Chief James Rovella accepted the bicycles on behalf of the City of Hartford and the HPD.

The HPD’s South District officers will us these bicycles to patrol the Frog Hollow neighborhood. Rovella spoke of the benefits of Hartford Police officers riding bicycles instead of patrolling in cars. “The goal of community policing is to know your patrol area,” he said. “These bicycles make it easier for Hartford’s officers to become intimately connected with their patrol area. It allows for more immediate and direct contact with neighborhood residents.”

Also in attendance the President/ CEOs representing the three institutions that make up SINA – a partnership between Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, and Trinity College:

James Shmerling, President and CEO of CT Children’s Medical Center, noted, “I am delighted to be here this morning as we celebrate a partnership with the Hartford Police Department that will help the children in South Central Hartford to grow, learn and succeed in a safe and supportive environment. Social determinants—the circumstances in which people live and work—powerfully affect health. That is why Connecticut Children’s has embraced a broader definition of community benefit that includes community-building activities. Through SINA we have worked in close cooperation with local enforcement to support their efforts to implement community-oriented policing and to facilitate community-police engagement.  We hope that the donation of these four bicycles will enhance their efforts, contribute to the health of our local neighborhood and help its residents to thrive.”   Stuart Markowitz, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) Senior Vice President and President, HHC, said, “It’s truly remarkable that our three institutions – Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s and Trinity College – have banded together in such a strong partnership to improve the quality of life in this community. That includes the health, safety and economic vitality of this neighborhood and its residents, as well as the well-being of our employees, patients and visitors … and the students who come here to study. It’s clear that our efforts, through SINA, in housing and community economic development, need to be aligned with neighborhood security and safety. Development work must go hand in hand with community engagement, leadership development, and discreet work with local law-enforcement efforts.”

Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney said, “As a Hartford resident, I am personally grateful for the consistent presence and work of the Hartford Police Department. As president of Trinity, I was thrilled to support the building of the Trinity College substation. I know that many community members – and that includes my family and me – value the dedication of the department’s community service officers. We hope that the bikes presented today will continue to facilitate such strong relationships between the Hartford police and our community. We at Trinity College look forward to greeting the officers at they ride the bikes throughout our campus and neighborhood on their local patrols.”

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