SINA 7th Annual REACH Awards

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June 11, 2013

Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) will hold its annual awards dinner on Thursday, June 13 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The mission of SINA, a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit, is to work with community members and with our three institutional partners, Hartford Hospital, Trinity College and CT Children’s, to improve the quality of life, economic conditions and physical environment in South Central Hartford.

SINA will present awards in several categories:

  • The Neighborhood Service Awards
  •  The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Institutional Award
  • The Ivan A. Backer Scholarship
  • Barbara Sneed Community & Education Scholarship
  • The SINA Student Support Scholarship

The Neighborhood Service Awards recognize the contributions of individuals in the community who have made outstanding contributions to Hartford Neighborhoods. The three recipients of this award are:

  • L. Robert Allan – Hartford Policy Department, Commander of the Southeast District
  • Leticia Cotto – Head Librarian at the 744 Park Street Public Library Branch in Frog Hollow
  • Allan H. Reese, Sr. – Volunteer at the South End Wellness Service Center

The Institutional Award recognizes the contributions of an employee of one of our three supporting institutions. This year we honor an employee of CT Children’s Medical Center, Luis Rivera. He is the Program Coordinator at the Injury Free Hartford Prevention Center at CCMC.

The Ivan A. Backer Scholarships were given to three Hartford’s Bulkeley High School seniors to pursue higher education. Winners of this year’s scholarships are Eric Agrón, Maman Cooper and Edinson P. Vasquez.

The Barbara Sneed Community & Education Scholarship was created by an employee of CCMC, Kim Sneed, who wish to donate $2,000 to Kendra Castillo, a Bulkeley High School senior attending Capital Community College.

The SINA Student Support Scholarship provides financial support to students who are attending Capitol Community College and whose academic concentration is in areas related to the mission of the SINA institutions: health care and education. Recipients of this year’s Student Support Scholarship are Christina James, Robert Soto and Carla C. Williams.

Hyacinth Yennie, Chair of the Maple Avenue NRZ, called Lt. Allan “one of those special persons who has done so much for our community. His dedications to his job and our community is truly outstanding. He’s there at every community meeting, he is so good at organizing his team, and he always responds to what we ask for”.

Leticia Cotto reflects on her guiding principles, “Instead of problems I like to see opportunities. Yes our space (at the Park Branch) is limited but there is still so much we get done here”. This includes helping students with their homework after school, and scheduling computer literacy classes for the parents while they wait for their children. Leticia hosts regular art exhibits, focusing on Latino Artists and themes.

Maria Negrón, Executive Director at the Wellness Center, notes, “Allan is the type of person who makes everyone feel like they’re part of the family. He gets everyone participating, everyone involved.”

“Luis Rivera is a tremendous asset to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and to the Hartford community”, says Steve Balcanoff., Manger of Non-Medical Services at Connecticut Children’s.

Over the years SINA has honored over 114 volunteers and community workers for their service to the community and has awarded over $142,375 in scholarship support to over 52 students.