Dean IaiennaroAs SINA’s Director of Real Estate Development, Dean manages the real estate activities of the organization. His duties include the acquisition of key properties for SINA and its affiliates. In addition, he manages the demolition of selected structures, including abatement of hazardous materials, construction of new homes, rehabilitation of existing housing, and commercial development. He also provides oversight to asset managers who manage rental housing and commercial space for SINA and its related entities. Dean manages compliance, financial reporting, and interactions with the state, local and federal government.

Dean’s duties also involve the preparation of applications to public and private entities for grants, debt financing and equity investments that are used to finance SINA’s development activities. With more than 20 years of experience in community development. Dean has a comprehensive knowledge of the financing community and the implementation of physical development programs.

Over the past few years, Dean has managed the acquisition of over 100 properties and the physical development of 58 structures. These activities have resulted in the creation of 45 new or rehabilitated homes and 83 rehabilitated apartment units. SINA’s housing activities have been funded by financing provided by both the public and private sectors. SINA has leveraged over $25 million dollars from these sectors to complete its work. Dean has the primary responsibility for securing the funds to complete SINA’s housing activities.

Dean holds a BA and BS with honors from Central Connecticut State University. He also has a certificate in Community Economic Development from the Development Training Institute and has attended the University of Hartford.

Phone: (860) 990-2142

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