The Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) is a partnership between Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital and Trinity College.

SINA’s mission is to work cooperatively with community stakeholders to restore economic vitality and improve the quality of life for the people who live, work, visit, study, and play in the neighborhoods of South Central Hartford.

SINA pursues this mission through a comprehensive community-building model, integrating critical components of community life — education, housing, economic development, community engagement, and public safety.

SINA’s strategic plan for 2018-2022 expands on its past activities, core competencies and strengths and reflects a clear understanding of external conditions. SINA’s understanding of the elements of purposeful partnerships between neighborhoods and community institutions has driven its selection of strategic priorities. Each strategy is designed to leverage long-term, positive impacts on South Central Hartford.

Based on this thorough and inclusive process SINA has established five strategic goals to guide its actions for the next three to five years:

1) Neighborhood Economic Development: Advocate for and increase investment in housing, employment, and commercial development

2) Strengthen Community: Increase community and institutional engagement while solidifying SINA’s role and visibility as a facilitator of community collaboration

3) Education & Health: Work in partnership with other organizations to improve education and health

These priorities reflect the board’s understanding of the investments required for community revitalization – the two highest priorities being neighborhood economic development and community strengthening (see SINA historic investments, p. 9).

Both neighborhood economic development and community strengthening are seen as inextricably linked within SINA’s comprehensive neighborhood strategy. Neighborhood development and economic security – improved through development and employment initiatives – provide a financial foundation for other initiatives under SINA’s strategic plan to succeed. Specifically, increasing homeownership – a focus area that has consistently been cited as a strength of SINA’s work- is an important contributor to neighborhood stability. By eliminating blight and attracting additional investments to the area, residents are more apt to be committed to neighborhood improvement. Strengthening community is an equally important priority – in that neighborhood safety and authentic resident engagement are cornerstones of neighborhood revival and efforts to stimulate retail and commercial investment. A clean and safe neighborhood not only benefits residents, but also potential inhabitants, employees, businesses and the greater community.

With an increasing focus among health professionals on the social determinants of health, SINA’s work to improve social and economic outcomes for neighborhood residents contributes to the health mission of the two hospitals.

SINA will support its work on these priorities through the development of a focused marketing and communications plan, ongoing fund development, professional development for staff, and effective financial management (see p.8).

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